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  • Radiation Optimization Dose Managmeent and Justification in Tomography Workshop

    Join us and our experts for a virtual Worshop on the justification and optimization of radiation doses in CT. The workshop will feature expert lectures and interactive sessions. It will be free and there will have certification for the participants. See you next week! Period 10 to 14th July 2024 Time 4 to 7 pm São Paulo UTC -3 Please register here:

  • CT and Mammography: Diagnostic Updates

    Course: Mammography and Tomosynthesis: update on diagnosis, quality and radiation dose AIEA and CNEN online course with support from Latin safe, CBR, ABFM, SBMN and IEPE. Launch of the DIAGNOSTIC REFERENCE DOSE campaign in mammography. Registration with issuing certificates and pre-recorded classes. COURSE DETAILS THE INTERNATIONAL ATOMIC ENERGY AGENCY and the RADIOLOGICAL PROTECTION COMMISSION OF THE BRAZILIAN COLLEGE OF RADIOLOGY present this course on Radiological Safety and Quality in Mammography and Tomosynthesis Exams. Mr. Anand Narayan, MD PhD Researcher in mammography, early detection of Cancer, Breast Cancer.More than 5 years working in Radiological Protection in Radiology GOALS Advise on radiological breast diagnostic procedures, mammography exams and tomosynthesis. Quality control and patient safety strategies including justification, optimization, optimal clinical outcomes protocols, corrective actions to optimize protection, DRLs. Application of DIAGNOSTIC REFERENCE LEVELS  in breast imaging procedures and quality control strategies. Application of new technologies and monitoring protocols. Application of questions from the public and before and after the course survey. Improve communication and early diagnosis. Develop a national action plan. METHODOLOGY Pre-recorded virtual classes and  interactive online webinar discussions with medical experts, general discussion, online assessments and Q&A discussion

  • CT Scan During Pregnancy

    When a woman is pregnant, she and the baby become patient. Thus, the doctor needs to determine the medical needs before ordering tests and initiating any treatment. Computed tomography, for example, may be requested in case of symptoms that need investigation before the baby is born. As this test uses radiation, it is important for the patient to be aware of the physician’s concerns and the type of information he seeks. The amount of radiation used in CT never harmed a fetus; however, if the area examined is the abdomen or pelvis, there may be a very small risk of developing cancer as a child. This risk is not scientifically proven, but the technician responsible for the exam will decrease the dose whenever he is informed about a pregnancy. Message for pregnant patients If your doctor orders a CT scan to diagnose a serious or urgent illness, do not refuse. The most important factor in having a healthy baby is making sure you are healthy too – it depends on you to be healthy! Source: for patients

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